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Fail USA and woooo hooo!

I’m pretty disheartened by all the to do going on over the airwaves and on the internet today. Seems Rush Limbaugh was in absolute GLEE that Chicago lost the Olympics, he said (paraphrasing here) that of course Chicago lost, because Obama is “an imbecile.”

Over at my very favorite hate speech website, Fox Nation, the joy is overwhelming. Some of the responses on the thread about the Olympic bid loss:

  • Barabrella – “I salute Copenhagen!!!! They too see what an egomaniac, and how arrogant Obama is. He thought he goes over there and kisses their a… and they’d bow! Hey Obama, how about cleaning up your crime and drug infested Chicago??. Why would they want to bring the Olympics to that dangerous hell hole????”
  • Mac – “Well I’m finally for the first time proud of the IOC.”
  • Reality Man – “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah ahahaahahahaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaahahhahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess everybody doesn’t love your grandiose ass!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……..!!!!!!”
  • Delores – “yea, my team won!!!!!!!RIO….here they come!!!!”
  • be – “I can’t stop laughing!!”
  • Sector 001 – “Yes!!!! There is a God!”
  • rightwingmom – “FINALLY ~ Breaking News that made me SMILE!!!!”

There are thousands of posts just like it. Thousands. Thousands of people cheering against an American city hosting the Olympics. Thousands of people rejoicing that America lost out on this one. Thousands of posts coming from the same people who claim to have cornered the market on patriotism. Thousands of people who called ME unpatriotic for saying even one tiny little thing against Bush. There they all are, embracing the fact that Chicago lost as a complete and total WIN! HOOORAY!!!

Can anyone even IMAGINE what would have happened if this type of joyous rhetoric had come out of Limbaugh’s pill-popping mouth when New York City was removed from consideration for the Summer 2012 games? Sweet Jimminy, he would have been waterboarded and sent to live in San Fransisco! When New York loses, it’s a darn shame. But when Chicago loses, it’s time to bust out the champagne and oxcycotin cocktail!

By all indications, Rio put on a hell of a show to win this Olympic 2016 bid. The president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, led the Brazilian delegation in Denmark, and surprisingly, none of the pundits who claimed that the US President had no business being there had the same to say for the Brazilian President. Everything that I read seemed to indicate that even if Chicago had made the first cut, the games belonged to Rio. It’s bitter sweet. Sure it would have been nice, but it could have been risky. And there’s hope to try again for a future bid. But it still stings to lose. But, luckily, Chicago is half full of Cubs fans and all full of Bears and Hawks fans and we’re pretty good at taking it.

Still, I don’t get the happiness over the loss. My buddy GleN Beck, wearing, inexplicably, a tailored suit jacket, a maroon shirt and jeans, said he never had a problem with Chicago, despite his tirade yesterday. Instead, his beef was this: “Now that’s it’s off the front page of the paper, we will forget about the real meaning of the story: corruption and Valerie Jarrett. Corruption in Chicago that now lives in the White House.”

GleN Beck has endlessly accused Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett of some type of Olympic bid wrongdoing, but has yet to produce any proof of it. And by “proof,” I mean he’s not even smart enough to try and fake it. Or to manufacture it. He puts a picture of her on his chalk board, next to a picture of William Ayers and Obama and a picture of the Bolsheviks (you know — they’re all Marxist Commie Bastards!) and Richard Daley and Al Capone. TA DA! Politically corrupt. Nevermind that the White House continually debunks GleN’s weak claims.

He also at one point used the term “true ‘dat.” Hey GleN. The 90’s called. They want both their outfit AND their ridiculous white suburban slang back.

Tangent – GleN also included a poll result, from a Rasmussen Survey of 1,000 likely voters, about what issues they deem most important currently in this country. The results, as aired by GleN:

  • Government Ethics – 83%
  • Economy – 82%
  • Health Care – 73%

Dude. That adds up to 238%

Back to what I was saying. After Beck’s opening monologue where he got to say “true ‘dat” (which, I’ll bet, he’s been hanging on to that one since 1997. Seriously. He finally got to say it on the air!), he had the big old brass balls to bring on a bunch of mothers who refer to themselves as “The Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots.” Now, I’m not going to give these women a hard time for wanting to organize Moms as a powerful political force, even if I have no desire to join their force. I will pick on their idiotic choice for a name, but that’s a different story. GleN had the NERVE to sit with these ladies and talk on and on about how very important it is that we all come together. GLEn FREAKING BECK. The man who says the President of the United States hates all white people wants us to COME TOGETHER. Hypocrisy much? Jackass.

Dudes, I’m just so sick of it. GleN Beck is an atrocious embarrassment to journalism. He spits out hate then acts shocked and persecuted that the White House will call him out on it. Just as he has the right to spew his hate, everyone else has the right to tell him to shut his damn trap — or, at a minimum, expose him for the whiny lying liar he is with a little thing we like to call “facts.” Don’t ever accuse GleN Beck or Rush Limbaugh of letting the truth get in the way of their “reporting.”

I think I should put myself in a time out. I’m off to indoctrinate my kids.

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Why I support the Chicago Olympic bid

My brother Tommy posted recently on his blog why he hopes that the city of Chicago is awarded the 2016 Olympic Games. Among his reasons for supporting the games, he talked about benefits to the city’s infrastructure, the increase of revenue, a boost to the local job market, and of course, the “cool factor” of saying, “Check it out, the OLYMPICS are here! Woooooooooo hooooo!” I agree with my salt and pepper haired sibling. I like the idea.

But, I have one real reason, one reason much stronger than any my brother lists, for why I support the Olympics in Chicago. I want it for one simple reason : GleN Beck hates the idea.

GleN Beck was on his usual hateful tirade today, and he won’t shut up about Chicago. I mean really, Republicans have been torching Chicago worse than Mrs. O’Leary’s cow did ever since Obama became a viable candidate for the presidency. Chicago politics and the Chicago machine and that big bad corrupt CHICAGO. As a gal who never lived IN the city, but grew up here in Chicagoland, I am sick to death of it. Why do we sit back and take it when GleN Beck, a repugnant radio DJ who once ridiculed the wife of a friend ON THE AIR because she had a miscarriage, the man who baselessly insists that President Obama is a racist who has a “deep seated hatred for white people” (a quip that left his advertisers running for cover as they yanked their wares off his show), the man who boasted about his awesome 9-12 project and how thousands of people need to come to Washington, DC to participate, but didn’t actually show up himself,  looks down his ugly little nose at us, the people of greater Chicagoland? WHY?

Today, GleN spent an ungodly amount of time whining about the President making an appearance in Denmark to push for the Olympics to take place in Chicago. See, GleN apparently hates the Olympics. And for some reason, when describing the dumb old Olympic games, he felt it was necessary to use his Kermit the Frog voice, which was disturbing at best. So he goes on about all the bad stuff about Chicago and poverty and crime. I don’t know that I see this as a valid argument, when we are talking about a city of 3 million people. Of course there is poverty and crime. But then GleN said, “They’re also called Second City. Residents there experience mental anguish over constantly being told that they are second best.”

Dude. F-YOU.

Then he went through some non-sensical nonsense about how all the potential host cities have some sort of problem, something… I don’t know, he totally lost me. There was laughing and weird-ness and more Kermit the Frog impersonations. Then he abruptly tossed to a commercial, only to come back and say, “Why is this a priority?” Because when Bush spent 4 days just watching the Olympics in 2008, or went golfing or hunting or fishing at any time, there were no other “priorities.”

“Yesterday we told you about how bringing the Olympics to Chicago is potentially a corrupt political move, hmmm, you think,” GleN said, without explaining why or how the Olympic bid was potentially corrupt. To support his claim, he brought in Michelle Malkin, the pundit who claimed that ABC reported 1.5 to 2 million people at the 9-12 party in Washington DC, a false claim that ABC had to correct multiple times, the woman who printed the names, e-mails and phone numbers of student protestors, prompting people to deliver death threats to those students, and the woman who, in my opinion, is kinda butt ugly, to support his claims that somehow, some way, President Obama will have his pockets personally lined with the hard earned dollars of Chicago tax-payers should the Olympics be played in Chicago in 2016. She referred to Chicago as a “basket case,” her snaggle tooth catching over her impossibly large and faux inflated bottom lip. She also forgot to put the proper amount of makeup on her ugly face, and sheesh… no one should have to look at that, not even Republicans. Yitch.

GleN then went on about how there was sooooooo much corruption on the Olympics in Salt Lake City, and how Mitt Romney fixed it all. Um, idiot? Is GleN suggesting that Daley or Obama or someone has paid off members of the International Olympic Committee, because that is quite a claim. All Mitt Romney had to do in Salt Lake City was NOT try and bribe anyone. He didn’t fix a problem, he cleaned up a mess. He was a venture capitalist. Cleaning up messes was his job. He’s not a hero. It’s not like he didn’t get handsomely paid.

Then GleN and the ugly one and some guy in a pink shirt were going on about how EVERYONE IS CONNECTED! All these Chicago people are CONNECTED TO OBAMA! Hey shit-for-brains — they are all from Chicago, why the hell would they NOT know each other? WTF? Seriously, WTF?

Then GleN was nice enough to play the video of Derrion Albert being beaten to death on the streets of Chicago. Wasn’t that nice of GleN to play that video on the air… AGAIN? I’m sure Derrion’s mother really appreciates GleN using the murder of her son for his political propaganda purposes. Nice. His point? Apparently, if you bring you children to Chicago, they will be murdered on the street. Heck, Obama will probably be holding the 2X4 that your kid gets struck with. ROLL THE TAPE AGAIN!

GleN, get the hell away from my city. I’m tired to death of “journalists” who *puffy heart* New York and DC and Los Angles and Boston, then wag their fingers at Chicago when they don’t know the first thing about this place. Shut up. If you hate Chicago so much, then stay away. We can take care of ourselves just fine and dandy, and we certainly don’t need YOU to point out what WE may be doing wrong. If the President wants to say to the IOC, hey, my hometown is a good place, then he should. I would expect no less out of any other president, past or future.

GleN, there are all sorts of tea-bagging townhallers that have no ability to compose their own original thought, and they need you to tell them what to think. Please. Pretty please. Go the hell away.

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Seriously, GleN Beck? Really?

I hate to beat a dead horse, but GleN Beck continues to fall slowly and surely into a downward spiral of irresponsible journalism and out-and-out ass wild crazy. This man is an embarrassment to my profession.

GleN said today, Sept. 18, that his go-to fact checker is… Google.

In addition to saying he checks his facts with Google, GleN Beck poked fun at other news outlets for, apparently, taking the time to actually fact check with research, interviews and endless leg work, rather than just using Google.

So I did a quick Google search, and here’s what I found:

PROOF that Elvis is alive, here.

Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, with PICTURES, here.

Ann Coulter boinks an alien, here.

 Bat Boy has been spotted on the campus of MIT, probably to watch the musical production based on him, here (no really, there’s a Bat Boy musical at MIT).

Werewolves are alive and well in Wisconsin, here.

Searching my own name, I found that I work in Rockford, here.

And my personal favorite:

GleN Beck might be gay, here.

You can craft whatever answer you want when the only research you use is Google.

GleN beck is an embarassment. An embarassment to conservatives, an embarassment to journalism, an embarassment to his family, an embarassment to chalk board makers everywhere. To proudly admit your fact checker is Google is pretty much to proudly admit that you are a lazy, bored, overpaid idiot.

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GleN Beck has lost his diddy mind

I’d like to start by saying that I don’t like the way Glenn Beck spells his name. I realize he did not choose the name. But for reasons I cannot fully understand myself, I am opposed to the second, unnecessary consonant. It’s probably only because I don’t like him, and not an actual aversion to the double-N. But I refuse to use it.

So, moving on. GleN Beck has lost his diddy mind.

You know what, forget the actual politics of the country at this moment. Forget the right and the left, forget liberals and conservatives, Michael Moore and Michelle Malkin, Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly, Rachel Maddow and Ann Coulter, Chris Matthews and GleN Beck. Put that all aside for a minute, we can all agree that we disagree.

But here is what GleN said today, Sept. 16:

“Wow… Can I tell you something? (head shake) Is there a single American, a single American (using hand gesture) that wants to see harm come to any member of Congress or the President of the United States, at any time? A single American? (head shake) This is outrageous to say.”

He was complaining about a report on MSNBC, where my girlfriend Contessa Brewer spoke about white people bringing guns to a rally where the President was. GleN points out that the video showed one of the men with a gun strapped to his chest, and that man happened to be black. He keeps talking about how MSNBC “doctored” the video by not showing the man was black. Of course, I distinctly remember seeing that particular video, and noting that my sweetheart was in fact talking about whites with guns when the picture was a black man with a gun. I don’t think the fabulous Miss Contessa was suggesting that ONLY white people were showing up with guns, just pointing out that it was happening. If nothing else, it would have been worth her pointing out that some of those carrying guns were of many different backgrounds and cultures, not just white dudes. And she didn’t, and that’s too bad.

But GleN has a bigger woody for this one than he does for ACORN. And he’s just appalled that my raven haired gal pal would SUGGEST that someone would even THINK to harm the President.

Dude. Whatever GleN is drinking, I want some. Make it a double.

The Secret Service had to investigate more than 500 death threats against Obama last November. GleN apparently has forgotten the cheers of “kill him” screamed out at rallies where Sarah Palin denounced the then-candidate as someone who “pals around with terrorists.” Recent reports indicate that death threats against the president have increased by 400 percent.

And of course, there’s the lovlies over at the Fox Nation, the site put up and allegedly “moderated” by Fox, and some of their unsettling quotes:

  • God I would love to use him as target practice – posted by “Bluesteel”
  • Hope it’s your last – posted by “be,” on Obama’s birthday
  • I hope he gets an exploding cake!! – also posted by “be”
  • And the Koran ain’t thick enough to stop a .308 round…be careful what you hide behind – posted by “Texas Hippy”

Obama’s not alone. Bush faced numerous threats as well. People called him a terrorist, suggested HE be bombed, HIS home be destroyed with him in it.

Same goes for every President down the line. Whoever is in office, someone, somewhere, wants them dead. Not to mention what GleN has clearly forgotten — JFK was assassinated. RFK was assassinated. Ford was shot at. Reagan was shot.

Of course there are Americans who want to see members of Congress and The President of the United States dead. What a terribly ignorant thing to say. And to do so with such fervor, with the dramatic sighs and shrugs and crazy “can you even believe it” eyes.

What the hell is wrong with GleN Beck? And someone, find his diddy mind and return it.

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Open the door and in rolls the hate

My husband and I often like to visit the website “Fox Nation.” It’s the site put up by Fox, apparently some sort of response to sites like News Hounds, where they basically put up blogs and opinion pieces as if they were actual news coverage and invite the public to comment on them. We like to visit the site the same way we like to watch auto racing — we’re only doing it to see a massive wreck.

So today there was no mention of Joe Wilson calling the President a liar during last night’s speech (which, by the way, I was listening to the speech on the radio, so I assumed there had been a visitor in the chamber who yelled it out. When I got home and saw it was a congressman, I just thought, Sweet Conspiracy Theory, what the hell is WRONG with these people). But there IS a post about how the President called Sarah Palin a liar!

Of course, he didn’t actually say, “Sarah Palin is a liar” but I mean, we all knew what he was getting at.

Still, the lovelies at Fox Nation were out in full crazy force about this one. But my very favorite response was this one:

A lying theiving negro thug from chicago calling a white beauty pagent contestant from Alaska ANYTHING is unbeleiveable. His presence in the white house has diminished the dignity and honor of the office to lows even lower than that white trash rat Bill Clinton. What a whiney uppity negro.

Jim was pretty upset by this nonsense. I mean, I don’t know why it surprised him. The pretty people at Fox Nation have refered to the President of the United States as a terrorist, an ape, a monkey and even a spade, and when they do, someone usually responds with an LOL. Then they insist there’s no issue with race. Ok then.

However, my real beef with the above post at the Fox Nation is not the disparaging remarks about the President. I think at this point, I am immune to their temper tantrums and racist name calling. What really caught my eye was the disrespect aimed at former Governor Palin. You see, while this poster was attempting to attack the president, he was actually attacking Mrs. Palin.

A white beauty pageant contestant from Alaska — that is how he described her (although I spelled it correctly). After Sarah Palin’s political career, this is what this poster got out of it. She is a white beauty pageant contestant.

Sarah Palin was the mayor of Wasilla, as we all know. Her experience as a small town mayor was mocked a little during the election, but as someone who covers a small town for the local newspaper, let me tell you, it’s not an easy job. She then went on to chair the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, an agency that oversees digging for oil in Alaska. Then she became not only the youngest but the first female governor of Alaska — and she did it by beating the INCUMBENT governor in the primary.

While in office as both a mayor and a governor, Palin took a pay cut, and she drastically reduced spending. She passed a bi-partisan ethics reform bill. And lest we not forget, Sarah Palin was the first female Republican nominated for the Vice Presidency of the United States, and the first Alaskan on a major party ticket.

Yet this guy calls her a “white beauty pageant contestant from Alaska.”

Sure, Palin has controversy and mis-steps up the yin yang. The Bridge to Nowhere (I was for it before I was against it). Getting her sister’s husband fired. DEATH PANELS! blah blah blah. I’m not a fan of the woman. But to reduce her accomplishments to “beauty pageant contestant” flies in the face of plain old ignorance. This Fox Nation-ite’s post is equal parts disparaging to both the President and to Mrs. Palin — it’s racist AND sexist.

I’m not sure how well this county can progress when so many people literally cannot see past what people look like, no matter who those people are.

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It’s over, and my God, it was worse than we thought!

Actual quote from Barack Obama to the children of America: “I expect great things from you.”

See? He is demanding things of our children. The President of the United States just told my children that they must take responsibility for their own education. Indoctrination complete. I am going to take my children to get fitted for their foil hats now. It’s our only hope.

Honestly, Joe Watkins on MSNBC just said that sure, the speech was good and had a good message and all that, but I mean, what is this going to lead to? I mean, now, the President is going to use this as a platform to schedule MORE speeches to today’s kindergartener, where he will talk about gay marriage and health care and the stimulus and the death panels. Today it’s stay in school, tomorrow it’s support the public option! He’s unstoppable now! He called it a “slippery slope,” which frankly, is a term far more stupid and far more overused than “it is what it is” and “my bad” combined.

Joe added that the president was a gifted and charismatic speaker who speaks with authority and persuasion. So…… only presidents who are BAD speakers should speak to children. Because your children should never be impressed or persuaded… by the President.

In Joe’s defense, how exactly are the angry anti-school-speechers of the nation going to defend their stance after a speech that expressed the necessity of today’s youth to advance their education and take control of their futures.

But no — we’ll just stick to losing our diddy minds. Again.

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Stay in school? How dare you, Mr. President. How dare you.

I received an e-mail from the Superintendent of my son’s school district over the holiday weekend, which read in part:

I am [writing]  today to share how we are planning to handle the upcoming address to students that is scheduled to be delivered by President Obama on September 8. I have asked that staff follow our typical process for selecting any instructional resource. We first preview instructional materials and make a professional determination regarding whether the content is appropriate and aligned with our instructional goals. With this, we will not be showing the President’s address as a live feed but will review the video and make a determination after the live presentation.

The e-mail goes on to say that teachers will contact parents and tell them if the video is to be used.

Has everyone lost their diddy minds?

The Superintendent of my son’s school district actually sent out an e-mail that contained the phrase, “how we are planning to handle the upcoming address to students that is scheduled to be delivered by President Obama.” To HANDLE it? The district needed to examine how to HANDLE it when the President of the United States wanted to send a message to kids? The SUPERINTENDENT said that the district will need to “make a professional determination regarding whether the content is appropriate and aligned with our instructional goals.” What the hell? This is not the change I wanted. Where the hell did my country go?

Let’s start with the obvious. The president’s speech was always going to be available as a televised feed. It was never mandatory that any school district play it live, or play it at all for that matter. The president was going to speak to schools kids. The end. If, for example, a district was starting today with a shortened day, they certainly weren’t being told they must keep kids in school for extended hours just to watch it, and it better air live. They were told, the president has a message for school kids.

Then came the crazies. Indoctrination! Not my child! Hey, here’s a great idea. Let’s go ahead and break it down. We’ll go with dictionary.com for easy reference, and we’ll use the first definition offered for each:

indoctrinate – to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., esp. to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.

doctrine – a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion or government.

principle – an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct.

ideology – the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

imbue – to impregnate or inspire, as with feelings, opinions, etc.

partisan – biased

biased – partisan

Okay, I did those last two without looking it up, I confess. But taking these, let’s REPHRASE the term, indoctrinate, and then use it in a sentence so I can understand clearly the need to protest the President’s speech.

So Mr. Beck and Mr. Hannity say, “I don’t want Obama to indoctrinate the youth of America.” The translation then, is, “I don’t want Obama to instruct the youth of America with any accepted policies or codes of conduct or beliefs that guide the country and I ESPECIALLY don’t want him to impregnate the children.” Woah…. no WONDER everyone is so up in arms. The President wants to impregnate our kids. Damn.

This truly exemplifies my frustration, but not just my frustration with the wackadoodles who insist that the President was somehow going to brainwash our kids with his partisan message of STAY IN SCHOOL! I think my real frustration is starting to steer AWAY from the Becks and the Hannitys of the world (I mean really, how can I be frustrated with people who make me laugh so much?), and is slowly being put squarely on the shoulders of this administration. Enough with the Gumby act already. You won. There is simply no need to be so damn bendy.

For all the nonsense I hear about how President Obama somehow lacks integrity, he sure is sticking to his word. His door has remained open to all voices of dissention. His door has remained open to the naysayers and the angry and the fist pounding and the whiners. His door has remained open to the angry right who DEMAND he listen to them blubber away. His door has remained open to the ideals of people who insist he is a Kenyan-born terrorist who wants to “indoctrinate” the youth. Mr. President… close the damn door.

Say what you will about Bush. We all pointed our fingers and laughed when he uttered the words, “I’m the decider.” But you know what? He was right. He was elected (well, at least ONCE anyway) to the office, and he took the reigns. Sure, he made his decisions based on not just his own experiences and observations but on those of the people he surrounded himself with, and there is obviously a whole different can of worms there. However, he made unpopular decisions in the face of dissent because HE WAS THE DECIDER. So, Mr. President, I hate to say it but, follow his damn lead. Just do it better.

Decide already. Decide that you aren’t going to hem and haw over health care because town hallers like the sounds of their voices screeching about. Decide that you are going to push another stimulus if it will truly help the economy even if Republicans flail their arms about like morons. Decide you are going to appoint the political advisers you want and need even when Glen Beck screams the word “CZAR” at you — but seriously, look a little closer at their resumes, already, because you are killing me with some of this stuff. DECIDE already. It’s your job. Because truly, the only voice of dissention out there isn’t that of reasonable debate. It’s that of those who challenge your motives when you suggest that working hard in school is a good thing. How dare you, sir. I won’t let your message of hope infect MY child!

As the broadcast from Wakefield High School begins, I plan now to sit and watch. And record it. It’s too important to let some teachers and superintendents decide if my child will watch. I’ll make sure he sees it here at home.

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I have a girl crush on Contessa Brewer

Anyone who knows much about me knows that I am a liberal. I wouldn’t consider myself a bleeding heart liberal, but a liberal none the less. I have slight deviations from the Democratic party, I have in fact voted for a handful of Republicans in the past 17 years, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE WalMart, which is sometimes a no-no in the party. But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE The Dixie Chicks, so you see where I’m going here.

Naturally, someone like me who is not only a liberal but also a news junkie has no choice but to watch MSNBC. And that is where I met my girlfriend, Contessa Brewer:


Hello pretty lady. Apparently, when given a choice, I prefer brunettes (sorry Kayla). I mean, her name is CONTESSA. How sexy is  that?

Of course, my girl-crush on Miss Contessa here goes a little further than just enjoying her super shiny hair and bright white chiclets as she delivers my mid-morning dose of liberal love. Part of me looks at Contessa Brewer and wonders, what if…

It appears, after a small amount of cyber-stalking on my behalf (I have a Twitter account, and the only person I follow is Contessa Brewer — mostly because I cannot figure out Twitter, though.), I discovered that Contessa is the same age as me. So at the same time, at different universities thousands of miles apart, we both studied broadcasting, graduated (she was Magna Come Lately, I had a 2.5 GPA, so we weren’t exactly equals, but it’s still a parallel dammit!) and started out in broadcast journalism. I worked an overnight shift at a TV station in Rockford, Illinois. Contessa was an anchor and reporter in Palm Springs.

My career in television news was kind of like a hot romance. It was fun, exciting, head turning, sizzling… then one day, it was over. I spent a year in Rockford, and from there, moved on to Baton Rouge, where I had the most awesome/horrible time of my life. When I was asked to leave that place, I moved on to New Orleans. I LOVED it there, but it was a major demotion. I went from being a producer to just being a writer. The pay was negligible, the boss was insane, and the chances of promotion were slim and nil, with nil winning. I adored the city, I adored my apartment, I had great friends and a fun social life. The weather was perfect for me, since I absolutely love hot and sticky days and warm nights. The city was full of life and history and a never-ending supply of “stuff” to do. I was 26, single and childless, and it was the perfect place for me to be at the time. But it wasn’t home. And I was missing home, especially after my grandmother passed away.

So I left New Orleans and went to work in the Quad Cities, a cluster of four towns, each roughly the size of a medium to large suburb, along the Mississippi between Illinois and Iowa. I was a producer there, the big cheese so to speak. I got to make decisions. I even got to hire someone. But I hated it. The company blew chunks, the boss was a moron, and after I got myself knocked-up, I was suddenly being mysteriously “written up” until I finally got fired — four days before Christmas.

So there ended my five year relationship with television news, and I figured, with single motherhood looming in the near future, that news and I had broken up for good. But even as I moved on to other, non-news related jobs, I longed for it. I missed writing stories. I missed talking to people. I missed it so bad. So when I spotted an ad in the weekly Shopper of the small town where I was living that they were looking for a reporter, I sent over my resume, thinking, newspaper, TV, it’s all the same. Somehow, someway, I made a decent impression on the publisher, and I got the job. So now I am a staff writer for a small town paper. I’ll say two things about that: 1. it’s not for everyone who wants to be a journalist, and 2. it is definitely a good fit for me.

In retrospect, I wasn’t good at TV news. It was too fast paced, too frantic, too many deadlines in a single day. I mean, really, why else would I have gotten fired — twice. I was a good fit for slow moving morning shows, but when breaking news happened in the mornings, I panicked. I mean, MY GOD, you want me to dispatch a live truck and go without a SCRIPT! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I had breaking news in New Orleans while I was producing once, and frankly, I can’t believe I didn’t get fired on the spot. It was a freaking nightmare. I cried like a baby, right there in the booth. DURING the show. Not my best moment.

But in my small town newspaper world, I get to pretty much KNOW everyone, and take a little more time. In television, I had to write stories that generally took about 20-25 second to read. In small town newspaper life, I get to write articles that range from ten inches all the way up to 50 sometimes. I love it. It’s so very me.

But still, back to my lady friend, the fabulous Miss Contessa and her sassy shiny hair:


Seriously, those smouldering good looks are mesmerizing. Mmmmmm-hmmmmm.

But when I am not drooling over the raven haired beauty of my favorite talking head, I am wondering, where along the line did I lose my ambition? If I had been as hungry for a career as Miss Brewer, would I have made it to the network? And I don’t mean on the air. Other than a two-semester stint at my college station WWIR, I never really wanted to be ON the air. I was always a behind the scenes type of gal. But what if I had fought harder? What if I had worked harder? What if I had stayed in New Orleans instead of coming back home, stuck to writing and tried to impress the boss and get promoted, rather than give up and go back to Illinois and a smaller market? Where would I have gone from there?

And of course, this is an impossible question. Without coming home, I would not have engaged in an early September tryst that resulted in the conception of Baby Boy #1. Without getting fired with said child in uterus, I never would have come home. Without coming home, I never would have met Jim, gotten married, had Baby Boy #2, and eventually found the job I currently have and love. Still, “what if” is a question that I cannot escape. Maybe if I had been more ambitious, someone would be writing a blog about their girl crush on ME.

I suppose the real question, though, is how do you define ambition, and as a follow up, how do you define success? As I type this, a three year old boy is wrapped around my shoulders, begging me for some more pancakes (which he ain’t getting, by the way, he’s had plenty). And when I am done, I am going to make some phone calls and get ready for next week’s edition. Among the regular calls I make every week, I am usually trying to convince people to talk to me even when they don’t want to. And I usually get what I want. I suppose that could be considered ambitious and successful.

So my lady-infatuation Contessa and I will continue to live our no-longer-parallel lives. Hers like this:


Mine like this:


Yeah — I’d say we’re both successful.


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