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A theme!

I have a thing for themes.

Not the kind of themes that made Ralphie and Schwartz and Flick groan and moan when they had to write them in school (“What I want for Christmas is a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.”). But overall THEMES. I have a secret desire to have a theme for nearly everything I do.

Okay, it’s a problem.

Today, for example, is Wednesday. Wednesday is my day off. So naturally, this is Stay-At-Home-Mom Wednesday. Other days have their themes, as well. Some are specific, while others can be generalized to any day. Bears Day, of course. Boys Day (when I get to do whatever the hell I want, I have no junk). Zumba Monday. And there is Naked Saturday nothing specific for Saturday.

I am uncertain when my decision to start listing the days of my life in theme form started, but I cannot remember the last time I did not do it. I wonder if I am searching for direction, or if I am a secret organization freak, or you know… mentally ill. Like when I got all off kilter this morning when I had to get up, shower, and go to work. ON STAY-AT-HOME-MOM WEDNESDAY.

I think it may be possible that my unending themes — which are ultimately just lists — are why I am so blocked. Because I’ve made myself such a long list of themes to follow, I am overwhelmed. And constantly thinking about what I have to do tomorrow is making me struggle with what I have to do today.


This project of mine to try to work my way through my writer’s block by writing whatever comes to mind is already starting to suck ass, and it is two days in. Maybe I should re-think my themes. I should work on the following themes:

  • Stop worrying — Life ain’t that hard.
  • Stop trying so hard — Life ain’t that hard.
  • Stop being such a downer — Life ain’t that hard.

Of course, I am going to work on these themes later.

Today is Stay-At-Home-Mom Wednesday. I have some sitting around to do.

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Ah, poetry

I thought I would start my writer’s block plan quickly.

I was thinking I could give it a title: Operation Bust my Block.

That is pretty crappy. I will work on it.

As I was working on a story for this week, I had some sticky notes near by, and I quickly jotted down a couple of poems. If I remember correctly, from my high school creative writing days, poetry is an easy way to get a few thoughts and ideas out there. I assume this is because poetry itself is, by definition, disorganized nonsense.

One of the other rules of writing is to write what you know. So here goes:

Mindset of a 4th Grade Boy: A Haiku
Noogies and swirlies

Punching is how I show love

Now I scratch my balls


Mindset of my Husband: A Haiku

Go to work today

My clothes get clean by magic

Now I scratch my balls

It is a start.

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