Ah, poetry

I thought I would start my writer’s block plan quickly.

I was thinking I could give it a title: Operation Bust my Block.

That is pretty crappy. I will work on it.

As I was working on a story for this week, I had some sticky notes near by, and I quickly jotted down a couple of poems. If I remember correctly, from my high school creative writing days, poetry is an easy way to get a few thoughts and ideas out there. I assume this is because poetry itself is, by definition, disorganized nonsense.

One of the other rules of writing is to write what you know. So here goes:

Mindset of a 4th Grade Boy: A Haiku
Noogies and swirlies

Punching is how I show love

Now I scratch my balls


Mindset of my Husband: A Haiku

Go to work today

My clothes get clean by magic

Now I scratch my balls

It is a start.

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