Abandoned donkeys

Yes. Abandoned donkeys.

I think it is possible I spend entirely too much time on these here internets. There is little if anything that does not attract my attention. There is not a chance in hell that I will not click on something that has the word “Kardashian” in it, despite the fact that I have actually lost any interest in their show and am therefore no longer keeping up with said Kardashians. Did you know Kourtney’s baby bump was photoshopped out of her swimwear advertisement photo? I sure did! Because they sell that crap at Sears, so lord knows I am tempted to buy it at least twice a week.

The written word is my buddy. It is how I make my living and by “make my living” I mean how I make the paycheck that Jim considers “super cute!” I like to write. I like to read the stuff that is written. But dammit if it is not getting me in trouble these days.

It seems I have gotten so accustomed to putting everything I want in writing, I have forgotten how to talk to actual people. I write e-mails and posts on the facepage and then I am ASTONISHED that my tone is not coming through. People think I am full of funniness when I am irritated and ripping them apart when I am just talking and apparently my awesome wit and sarcasm are not making it through. Conversely, I seem to talk the way I write — so when I think I am telling my funny funny jokes, I am actually bugging the crap out of someone.


Look at me now, not making any sense.

Truth is, I feel like lately I am one big vehicle of miscommunication. It used to be that if you wanted to say something, you wrote it. That way you got it all out, thought about it, it was not interrupted, just you and your thoughts, THEN you passed them on to someone and they could see all the things that you were not eloquent enough to say. But now, everyone is so used to writing things out on the fly, there’s no longer thought to it. Written words are just as mumbo-jumbo-ed as the hastily made comment was in days past.

I don’t think this is fixable. It’s just the new way of how it is. My once beloved treasure of writing, journaling, note-taking… It’s not something that just a few of us do anymore. It is no longer what “artsy” kids do when they actually have no artistic talent so they write and wear black skirts and act like nothing is more difficult than having to drive your mom’s Buick to school. EVERYONE is a writer anymore. Even if just a status update.

Proof — abandoned donkeys. Abandoned donkeys are trending on Yahoo. It’s kind of a serious story. But somehow, “abandoned donkeys” (which by the way is a kick-ass name for a band) is how the story is being described. Not “animal rescue” or “farmers in danger” or “drought affects animals.”

Abandoned donkeys.

Sure to get people’s attention! Sure to not really come anywhere close to relaying the facts behind the story.

This is possibly my lamest post ever. I think I am simply finding myself irritated with the written word — so much so that I am having trouble explaining WHY I am irritated with the written word. Maybe I should just start making phone calls. The spoken word is such a lost art form.

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  1. mom

    You can call me anytime. Love Mom

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