Read the (fine) print

Well, I would if I could.

Everyone has Christmas wishes. Some dream of mounds and mounds of awesome material possessions, iPads and gadgets and Gaga tickets (oh my!). Others dream of peace on earth. Some dream of peace in their families.


Me? I made a very special wish. To start looking like an old hag.

So I went to the eye doctor and HOORAY my vision is going all to hell and I need reading glasses. I mean, I’m still a BABY. I won’t even be 38 until NEXT YEAR.

Well, at least this will make it easier to give Jim his Christmas wish — to sleep with the sexy librarian. And no dear …. I am not keeping them on.


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10 responses to “Read the (fine) print

  1. Nancy

    1) You so totaly would leave them on, and put a pencil bun in your hair too.
    2) Maybe this will give me the push to get mine checked – or maybe I’ll just keep holding stuff further from my face (my child, for instance).

    • Marney

      Nan, when your arms are no longer long enough to hold something in order to focus, time to take yourself to the doc. THEN, take the prescription they write, go to Walgreens, and buy the $10 readers with the same or close enough number!

  2. I’m with Nancy, go with a pencil bun. You can rock that look.

  3. Watch the librarian comments!

  4. Nancy

    Also at Wallgreen’s———> pencils.

  5. And I don’t even wear glasses – or a bun! Probably because I’m sooo much younger.

  6. Kayla

    Now I’m not the only blind one! Nancy, get checked and we can all be sexy librarians TOGETHER!

  7. MOM

    Holy cow Marney,did anybody ever tell you that wearing glasses will also make you look more like your mom.I always worked at the grammer[not a school anymore] school library way back when you were in school. GOOGOOLY MOOBOLY. LOVE ,Mom

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