A dream come true

At last. At last at last at last!

It took me several weeks to actually get out there and purchase the light bulb, but I finally made my very first, truly awesome Easy Bake Oven masterpiece. Jim bought me an Easy Bake Oven for my birthday this year. Age 37, and I finally got that one item I whined and cried about not having for most of my youth.

I opened packets. I mixed with water. I used the push tool to carefully insert (hee hee) the cake and pull it out (hee hee) of the oven. I iced.

Follow my journey:

Pre-heating with a single lightbulb. Look at it glow!

Fresh out of the oven!

Here's what it looked like frosted.

Here's what it looked like when I dropped it on the floor.

Here's what it looked like when I picked it up, put it on a plate and fed it to my child.

And the verdict is…..


Yay me!!!


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4 responses to “A dream come true

  1. Nancy

    Marney, Marney, Marney! The fact that you took the time to take a picture means you obviously violated the 5 second rule. You have poisoned your child.

    • Marney

      1 – Germs are good. The boy literally has eaten dirt and soap (together) and I think all it did was make him grow.
      2 – I already had the camera in my hand. I was getting ready to hold the plate up the the painting on my wall, and when I posted it, I was going to write something witty like “Can you tell which is the work of art? I can’t!” but I tipped the plate too far and *thump* on the floor. So I snapped the shot.
      3 – Therefore, I did NOT violate the lesser-used 15-second rule.
      4 – I do not believe for one second that you beleive in such rules! I know you let your boobs rest on the floor before putting them in Liah’s mouth.

  2. MOM

    Reason #2 for not having that toy. Love Mom

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