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A well thought out birthday

For the moment, it appears, that at this one point in time at least, my husband….

*deep breath*

ACTUALLY listened to what I said.

Totally. And. Completely.

As proof, I offer photographic evidence of the awesome gift I received for my birthday:

That’s right. I finally got my easy bake oven. Suck it Mom, my husband LOVES me, nee-ner nee-ner nee-ner.

I also got the Michael Jackson dance game for Wii, prompting my husband to note that I received gifts probably more suited for my 7th birthday than my 37th birthday. But it is all so AWESOME.

I did manage to get off this shot before I ripped open my birthday bounty:

I was not trying to take a picture of the boys. I took this photo to preserve one act that has two distinct reasons behind it: the roll of wrapping paper sitting next to my presents.

See, Jim left that there for two reasons: 1) he bought it yesterday, because he doesn’t know where I keep the wrapping paper, and 2) he left it there on the table for me because he doesn’t know where I keep the wrapping paper.

Awesome birthday! See you next year, January 4!

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