Embrace the awesome

When you drive into downtown Joliet, there is a sign. It reads, “If it’s fun, it’s in downtown Joliet!”

For real.

Now, not to speak poorly of Joliet. It is, after all, home to the Rialto Square Theatre, where Jim and I were married. And most people say, hey, that’s where Peter Brady was married! No no no no no no no. It’s where JIM AND I were married. Peter Brady and his gameshow wife just had their reception there. Celebrities and wannabe celebrities have a way of ruining my stuff. Peter Brady took over my Rialto. Of course, the day I got married there was the same day that Entertainment Tonight covered the wedding of one Mary Kay Latourneau to her rape victim, Villi. Same exact day. Then Tom Cruise and his wife Joey Potter were rude enough to produce their weird little mini-me on the SAME day I had George. Rude rude rude.

Back to Joliet.

The sign reads that it is where the fun happens. And last week’s Joliet Jackhammers game was no exception.


Check out the main man in the sweet plaid shorts there behind Hank. He’s making rock star hands — devil fingers — you mess with the bull you get the horns — whatever you call it, he’s doing it. On purpose. In public. But that’s not even the REASON I planted young Hank on this spot to grab this photo. There’s more:

Oh. My. God. That is so AWESOME. I covered his eyes to protect his identity (not that I know him) but also to protect myself from what I can only assume will be a David Lee Roth style butt-kicking if he were to ever find himself on my blog. I envision this guy wrapping himself in “Just a Gigolo” spandex and figuring he might as well jump (JUMP!) on my face for embarrassing him. I think he even has a perm. So so sweet.

Sadly, the Jackhammers were eliminated last night in the playoffs, so we’ll have to wait until next year for the next new round of downtown Joliet fun.

At least Hank caught a grand slam — from our team even!

That is fun! See you next year Jackhammers!


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5 responses to “Embrace the awesome

  1. Meg

    I love the Jackhammers. Keith and I had our bachelor/bachelorette party there. It was a blast. If it it wasn’t so far away, I’d go more often. :-(.

    And don’t forget the rocking casinos in J-town ;-p. I’m trying to remember what else Joliet has going for it but I’m drawing a blank.

  2. Kayla

    wow. I have no words.

  3. Ok so I have beef with Tom and Joey too b/c they got married on my birthday.

    And I LOVE that you were able to capture that guy. Although I wouldn’t have been as discreet. I’d be in the picture WITH him 🙂

  4. Chelle


    I just had to add, even though unrelated. The motto of my town is: “Rotterdam- a nice place to live.”

    Could you get more underwhelming? Not the best place ever to live, not even a great place to live. Just sorta nice.

    Pfft. Who thinks of these things?

  5. MOM

    How about the DEL WEBB OLD FOLKS HOME IN HUNTLEY ILLINOIS, everything you ever wanted. No children allowed,oh they can visit but if they needed a home we would have to move. The house is going back on this poor market.

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