Cancer – a kick in the butt

There are two things to know about my family as I start this post:

1 – My mother has colon cancer.

2 – We are the family that truly puts the FUN in dysfunctional.

Cancer sucks. It sucks balls. Or, in my mother’s case, it sucks BUTT (get it). You don’t have to have cancer or know someone with cancer or ever have been affected by any type of cancer to know it is sucky and sucky and sucky times ten. BOOOOO CANCER! Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have  a little fun with it. You know, our way of saying, put that in your pipe and smoke it, cancer!

On Friday, my Mom had surgery. She had two feet of her colon removed, and the prognosis looks really good. I love my mother. I do not say it to her often enough, so I hope she knows it. I have written it here in my blog, so she has the proof if I ever try to deny it. On Friday I spent much of the day anxious and snapping at the kids and WAITING. Jim took off work early so I could go to the hospital and sit there with my brother and sisters — all 5 of my mom’s kids — waiting.

Not content to just wait, though, we had to be our sweet obnoxious selves. Enter the cancer ribbon. You know, all cancers have ribbons. Well, all CAUSES have ribbons, but cancers each get their own color. But we couldn’t figure out what type of ribbon you would wear for colon cancer. I mean, break it down, and what we’re really talking about it poo cancer, right? So…. brown seems natural. I made this suggestion to my sister Amy, who doesn’t just come up with ideas, she rolls with it! So she produced this for each of us to wear:

It’s brown! For poo cancer! The pink dots? Polyps.

That’s right, we found a fun and inappropriate way to actually DISPLAY our support of our Mom and her poo cancer. Like I said, we put the FUN in dysfunctional. That’s how we roll.

I wonder what my Mom was thinking when her eyes fluttered open after surgery and she saw my Dad and five not-so-young anymore but still her babies faces hovering over her. I’m thinking… she probably thought she expired on the table and had entered the third realm of hell. Then, squirming a little, she let out a little cough, right after which she grabbed her incision and said, “That’s a bitch.”

Ahhhh, there’s my Mom!

As a fun sidenote to the story, Friday, June 4, was also my sister Laura’s birthday. So, the next day, I asked my Mom, which June 4th was worse? The one where she had to push out a ten pound baby… arm first… born with a tooth… with the help of two sets of forceps… and a double episiotomy… and no drugs… OR… the one where she had two feet of colon removed from her bod. Now, she said it was the colon one. But I think that was just the drugs talking. Give her a few weeks, I’m sure the other June 4 will stand out as far more traumatizing.

Also, in honor of Laura’s birthday Mom’s poo cancer, June 4 is now official Poo Cancer Awareness Day! So everyone, please get your butt scoped every June!

Of course, in all seriousness, now that my mother has colon cancer — the same cancer that killed her father — we, her children, do need to be diligent and make sure we are tested. Which really does involve a butt scope (not the scientific name).  But we sure are glad that Mom got her shit together (could not resist) and got her test this year!

We love you Mom! Get well soon!


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5 responses to “Cancer – a kick in the butt

  1. Michael Mannino

    In the same vein, and I mean making lighthearted fun of bad news, I thought of two stories. Several years ago my mother had an emergency hysterectomy. When she went back to the office, she decided to give away all her “feminine hygiene products.” She put the stuff on the breakroom table. The women in the office were absolutely thrilled, one of them even said, it was a better treat than cookies.

    The best off the cuff line I ever uttered happened when I was working at the IL Radio Network. The sports director was a buddy and from time to time he’d call me back to the newsroom when there was something interesting on TV. One morning he hollered and I scooted out of my office. That morning he thought I’d want to see Katie Couric on the Today Show get a butt scope. As we were watching, the camera was shoved around another corner, I turned to Neil and I said “Oh look, Bryant Gumbel’s shoe.”

  2. musesofamom

    One thing your mother has that is invaluable is a supportive family and that will aid her in her recovery. Cancer does suck, but it looks like your mom can actually beat it, and your sense of humor will help more than you know.

  3. Glad to hear your mom is okay and that you guys could have fun with it.

    Hunni and I have our own poo issues so we get the not so fun test every 5 years. It’s not fun but the drugs they give you are hilarious 🙂

  4. Robin

    Marney – your mom and your family are definitely in our prayers! Mike’s dad passed from cancer many years ago now, but the thing missing from all of his treatments and family moments was laughter. Keep laughing!

  5. MOM

    Thanks all. Marneys mom

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