Dude… for real

Actual conversation this evening between myself and Mr. Wonderful:

Marney, at sink, washing dishes: “I’m having issues with you, dude.”

Jim: “What?”

Marney, holding up turkey baster, when there has been no turkey or other assorted meat in need of basting cooked in this house in months: “This. What the hell did you do with this?”

Jim: “Oh. Did you clean it good?”

Marney: “Did you use this on the toilet?”

Jim, furiously rinsing the baster under the running water: “I used it on the toilet.”

Marney: “THROW IT AWAY.”

Jim: “It wasn’t the pee water.”

Marney: *blink*

Jim, tossing baster in garbage can: “You need to get a new baster.”

Sweet mercy.


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6 responses to “Dude… for real

  1. Fat Girl Eats

    I’m just… trying to… I can’t…


    What do you use a turkey baster for on the toilet? I just can’t figure it out.

  2. Husband

    I was going to answer the above, but maybe the unknown is better….. like if I was to add that I was only downstairs because I needed more ice for George’s bath….

    I will add – this is 100 % the actual conversation.

  3. My husband used the baster to get the gasoline out of the lawn mower. Then he accused me of misplacing it and later found it in his toolbox. Dude. Whats up with that?

  4. What the heck!? I’m so confused as to what you could use a turkey baster for in a toilet but maybe I don’t want to know.

    I might add this is so something Hunni would do and uh…forget to tell me.

  5. Dear Women,3

    Please understand that we men are really fascinating creatures. Some of our activities will totally astound, yet somehow still gross you out. I for one have found that a bent paperclip is a very effective toothpick. Maureen looks at me like I have two heads each time she finds one in my pants pockets. Although I also have no idea what Jim was using the turkey baster for, and I have fixed a lot of toilets in my time, I do admire his creativity. Duct tape does not fix everything, and sometime we just have to make whatever “tools” we have present do the job for us.

    I believe it is what my mother would call Polish Ingenuity.

    Brother Tom

  6. MOM

    Downstairs getting ice for Georges bath[the tub has a cold water faucet] -and then waylaid to the kitchen drawer to get the turkey baster for the toilet. Yes Tom, men are really fascinating creatures. Love Mom

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