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Awesome observations from the mouth of the smartest 7-year-old ever

On his mother’s failed attempt to scrub the window in his bedroom:

“You know, it looks like you just spread the dirt all around.”

On Halloween:

“This is MY kind of day!”

On why it is pointless to tease him about not being able to say “conveyor belt.”

Hank: “So when we get to the snow hill, we can take the con-vader-belt to the top.”

Brother Tom: “The con-vader-belt? Like, Darth Vader?”

Hank: “Hah. Good one… ’cause of vader. No, it’s totally different.”

On the difficulty of the 2nd grade spelling test:

“It’s just so hard to be good at EVERYTHING but spelling!”

On alcohol (and also, math):

“You know what happens in 14 years? I’m old enough for beer.”

On his mother’s disgust at the minivan parked way too close to her at school:

“You know what the problem is, Mom? Women drivers.”

On his mother’s request that he please not walk from the bathroom to his bedroom naked:

“It’s not like you haven’t seen it before!”

My boy is so smart. I’m sure there is more to come…


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