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As long as I am posting video…

So, when I tried to post that video of George snoring, I couldn’t get it to download straight off my laptop. So I had to open a YouTube account and put it there, then put the link. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s probably some random, easy to fix problem. The fact that I can turn the computer on AT ALL is a miracle unto itself, so let’s not get too picky here.

Anyway, as long as I opened my own YouTube account, might as well put the only other two videos I had on it right? They both involve George and his “behavior.” Maybe I shouldn’t share so much. But ah, what the hell:

Ahhh, memories.



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What we give our kids

It’s always nice to look at your children and SEE yourself in them. For example, Hank looks absolutely NOTHING like me, and those of you who argue have either never met his father, or you seriously need to get your peepers checked out. The child is the living embodiment of his father, to the point that it would be creepy if he wasn’t so cute. But — look closely at his eyes, and they are MINE. More specifically, they are the EXACT color of my eyes, which is no small feat considering my eyes are a greenish-bluish-brownish-goldish mix. But there they are when I look at him, my eyes looking back at me. It’s nice.

Then there’s this:

We all know that I sleep silently like a princess, so clearly, someone is just like his Dad.


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