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Boy wonder

They say that there are two types of children out there: those who love to read, and those who loathe it.

Those who loathe it are not necessarily bad students or destined for low paying, paper-hat wearing jobs for all eternity. Quite the opposite, the ones who see reading as a chore might instead flourish in areas like math or science. They might be great teachers or chefs or astronauts or computer technicians. They just don’t see reading as entertaining. Books for pleasure is an oxy moron. Newspapers and magazines are really only good for lining the bird cage. For some kids, reading just isn’t a pleasurable sport.

But for others, it’s an amazing adventure. For some kids, they’ll sacrifice a good night’s sleep just to see what happens in the next chapter. Those kids crave their first library card more than they crave their driver’s license. Those are the ones who will one day start a sentence with “My favorite book in high school was….” and then insert the name of some award-winning novel that was the bane of the existence for the kids who hated reading. (And for the record, mine was “Lord of the Flies,” but I always, ALWAYS got excited when it was time for the Shakespeare chapter.)

I am a reader. It clearly translated into my desire to write as well. I have favorite books. I have a favorite author (John Sanford) and I look forward to the new release of his books each year, always afraid that this time is when he will take the plunge and kill off my favorite fictional character, Lucas Davenport.

My husband not only loves the library, he calls ahead and reserves books. George will not go to sleep without a bedtime story.

And take a look at this:

This picture was taken at about 10 p.m. on Friday night. I tried to snap the picture in the dark, but it wouldn’t show up, so I clicked on the light. And I swear to God, the child didn’t notice. When the book light that came free with his Snuggie (don’t judge me) broke, he almost cried. Thank God I bought this as a backup! Not only does he read every night before bed, but he actually cannot fall asleep without reading. FOR REAL.

We are a family of readers. Let’s hope it sticks.


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