The other birthday girl

Remember earlier when I said “it’s all about me!” Seriously, it was the title of the next post, scroll down if you missed it. Jeesh. Anyway, it appears I have been upstaged.

Well, hey there baby girl! This is Aurora Sophia Love, and she entered this world this afternoon, naked and screaming. Which is also how I woke up this morning, so in addition to our birthdays, we have that in common too!

Aurora is the daughter of my niece TJ, making me a Great-Aunt (at the ripe old age of 36!). Wasn’t that nice of TJ to deliver her baby on MY birthday (see how I turned that around and made it all about me again!).

So, Baby Aurora, here are a few things you can count on from your Great Aunt Marney:

  • I will never forget your birthday.
  • I will never, EVER wrap your birthday present in Christmas paper.
  • I will not forget what year you were born, even if your own mother does.
  • I will teach you proper karaoke technique.
  • I will never ever buy you anything that is not pink (I only have boys, so get ready for a pink explosion. Sorry).
  • I will teach you how to love the Cubs.

I am already planning our birthday party for next year, when I will buy her very first Lady Gaga album.

Welcome to the world, Aurora. And Happy Birthday!


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3 responses to “The other birthday girl

  1. That is great! My brother and Grandfather shared a birthday and it was special for them too.

  2. MOM

    Now its you and Aurora and Lucy and me. love mom

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