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In case I wasn’t clear…

Holy Santa Claus Crap.


This first photo is the best one to demonstrate just how overboard we went on Christmas. The photo turned out fuzzy… kind of like our sense of reality about how much children actually need on Christmas:

At one point, it appeared even George was embarassed by all the gift-giving.

And I am starting to wonder, is this actually abusive?

Not to worry — George got one too. Now the whole family has one! We can now talk on the phone and hold a baby and change the TV channels and turn our children into social pariahs! Thanks Santa!

The gluttony didn’t stop there either. We ate everything in site while we were at it. And if it weren’t for that fact — and the tremendous belly ache that I had the following day — we would have hit the stores again for the after Christmas sales.

Sweet Jiminy Crickets!

So to sum up, this year, we taught our kids that whoever said “It is better to give than to receive” was a total moron. It’s WAY better to receive, especially when you are receiving Legos and Snuggies!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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