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Christmas – a time for obscene spending habits and tagging my garage

Yep, that about sums it up this Christmas Eve.

Let me start by saying that Hank has been gone with a certain red-headed tool for the past six days, and I am fairly miserable about it. I have missed him horribly. The worst part was when he left, and just when I thought I could control myself from turning into a blubbering idiot, I turned around and Jim was turning into a blubbering idiot. We are going to have serious issues when the child goes to college. But he’ll be back tonight, so we’re looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we apparently decided to pass the time by blowing a few months worth of house payments on our childrens’ Christmas presents. Ok, maybe not THAT much, but seriously…. a lot.

Yesterday, I was speaking to my sister Amy on the phone, and she told me that her kids each get three presents for Christmas — one from Santa, one from Jesus, and one from Mom and Dad. And I have to admit, when she told me that, I actually felt shame. I mean, Amy does have three times as many children as I do, so she needs to be a little more frugal. But seriously, if I used that reasoning for how I arranged Christmas this year, then my kids got like, 18 presents from Santa and a baker’s dozen from Jesus and another handful from Mom and Dad. The best way to explain it is this: OMG.

It’s not like we set out to spoil the children rotten. Jim went out the morning after Thanksgiving and got some awesome deals. We also found cheap but still kinda cool stuff at the Dollar Tree. Then we hit Toys R Us just to check out a sale, and they had all sorts of really good stuff for half off. When you walk out of Toys R Us with a cart completely packed with toys, and a receipt for $100, you’ve done really, really well.

Last night I wrapped all this nonsense, and it took me FOREVER. My back still hurts from sitting on the floor.

Honestly. What were we thinking? We considered for a moment holding on to some of these toys for the boys’ birthdays, but you know what? I don’t wanna. I’m going to spoil my kids rotten. After all, Jim bought me a house this year. Might as well let the kids get everything they want too, right?

Speaking of my awesome present of a house — Merry Christmas to US! We got a great present when someone took permanent marker to our garage last night and painted what I can only assume is a teenage’s girl’s attempt at trying to make some sort of gang symbol. Note to teen girls — real gangs don’t tag with drawings resembling those flower print letters that you put on signs for the boys football team. Note to parents of teen girls — watch your damn kids.

Jim stormed out the door to clean it, but I stopped him and called the police first. It was pretty clear that they “targeted” our house, since there was no random damage to other homes. Which makes us (and the nice officer who responded) think that the suburban graffiti was clearly meant for one of the homes around us that contains teenagers in it. They just hit the wrong house.


Whatever happened to a little TP and tossing an egg or two at the house in question?

Not the best Christmas present, I admit. But it won’t dampen my spirits this year. I’ll wait until I get my credit card bill before I get really upset.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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