Acting like an adult is for poop heads

Case in point, Halloween.

What is more awesome? This pumpkin, as carved by Jim:


Or this one, as carved by ME:


Seriously, which of these two jack-o-lantern creations do you think caused children from age 7 to 17, and their parents, to squeal with laughter and delight, and which one just sat on the front porch? Hmmmmmm?

If you cannot be juvenile on Halloween, when can you do it?



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3 responses to “Acting like an adult is for poop heads

  1. Sister Carrie

    Jim’s is scarier – his pumpkin has flies in it’s mouth. Ewwwwww!!

  2. Jacki

    Sure Marney, I agree! But MY question is as follows: when the HELL did Halloween mean that grown women could walk around, dressed like tramps?!

    I mean, really – I dressed up for Anthony’s class party and I almost had to wear my wedding dress (or something else from home/home made) b/c the stuff at the stores looked like something a whore would wear.

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