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Modern technology

Now that it’s nearly Halloween and the first snowfall is likely just weeks away, my next door neighbor Amy and I finally realized that we are total idiots driving our children to school separately every day. After all, they are going to the same damn place.

So, we’re kind of on a wacky, whoever pulls their butt out of bed and out the door first schedule for who drives in the morning. We both seem to have a tendency to rush out the door in jammies and unbrushed hair about three minutes before the first bell rings. Thankfully, the school is just a half mile away.

Amy has twins in first grade, Jake and Alyssa. She also has another set of twins, and a 16-year-old son, which tells me that there is a special place in heaven for her. I find Jake and Alyssa to be about the cutest kids ever, and much like my own 7-year-old, they delight me on the way to school with their astute observations and witty quips that they don’t even realize are so astute and witty.

So as we were pulling around the corner, I hear Jake yell out from the back seat, “COOL!”

“What?” I ask.

“This! Cool!” he repeats.

Not having a clue what could possibly be so cool in the back seat of my Honda Civic, except maybe a few months worth of french fries that surprisingly will not make a child sick when they pop them into their mouth,  I turn my head to check it out.

“What’s so cool?” I ask.

“This!” Jake responds, pointing at the door. Recognizing the puzzled look on my face, young Jake grasps the manual window crank and does a loop. The window goes down a crack.

“OH COOL!!!” Alyssa joins in.

“Yeah, uh, cool,” Hank adds, even though he has no idea what they are talking about because the last time I had a car without manual windows was four years before he was born.

“You can put it down by yourself!” Jake oozes. “Cooooooll!!”

Amused, I play along. “Watch this,” I say, and the whiz my own manual window down as quickly as possible, then roll it back up just as fast. “And, you have to LOCK your own doors! No automatic locks!” I announce. This of course results in both Jake and Alyssa lunging for the door lock to push it down then *gasp* PULL IT BACK UP.

“COOL!” they yell in unison.

I’m tempted to tell them that back in my day, you had to get up and walk all the way over to the television set in order to change the channel on the TV, and do that by rotating a dial! But I decide against it. This is enough stimulation for their brains this early.

Ah, technology.


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