Channeling my father – Part 2

I forgot some important ones:

  • When I feel my child is not being all together truthful, I tell him to stick out his tongue. I then announce, “It’s black, you’re lying!” The child will then rush to the mirror to see, but I explain that only I can see it and/or it disappears quickly.
  • When my children hurt themselves through horseplay, they are told “That’s what you get” rather than given a hug.
  • I have said to various nieces and nephews, “Don’t make me hit you in front of your mother.”
  • I have told my children that the loud noise that appears to be coming from my behind is actually an elephant running under my chair.
  • I firmly believe that TV is a good babysitter.
  • I’m considering getting a paint stick for the car (you can hit five children in one swing with a paint stick!).

Yowza. I know there are more, I just cannot think of them right now. I am not just channeling my parents. I am my parents. Prophecy fulfilled.


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2 responses to “Channeling my father – Part 2

  1. Sister Amy

    I also like to say, “because I’m the Mom” and “clown” in verious sentances or calling them Gerturde or Staush (I spelled that wrong but I don’t know how) when I can’t remember their name and to my older kids, “why do you have to be an ass.”

    As for the paint stick, I believe I got hit more then Carrie, Tommy or Laura because they knew to push me forward, Mom only cared that she hit something, it didn’t matter who. I did see a really big paint stick for a 5 gallon bucket once and wondered if it might work for my 12 passenger van.

  2. You are supposed to tell your kids that when they don’t tell the truth, it puts white spots on their tongue. Many years ago, I actually watch Stephanie try and wash the spots off.

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