The little hooligan

I posted some photos on my Flickr page of young George today. See, my sweet boy found a pencil, so naturally, he drew. On the wall. All over the wall.

After I posted the pictures, a few friends commented that maybe they aren’t baby ready — they were horrified. Now, I don’t know if they were horrified that the child had drawn on the wall, or that I thought it was worthy of a picture rather than punishment, but I assume it’s a little of both.

But LOOK at him! Here he is posing with his mural masterpiece:


Admiring his work:


Having absolutely NO idea that he’s been a bad boy. Look at that smile:


They aren’t the only photos of the child being naughty. There are multiple pictures of him on the table, for example:


This is what happens when you walk away without actually LOOKING what is on the kitchen table.

And of course, he opens things up and makes toys out of objects that ARE NOT toys, such as the famous tampon incident:


I’m only sorry that the similar photos I have of Hank, such as the time he dumped out an entire salt shaker on the table, and pretended it was a massive Little People snow storm, are on film rather than easily accessable on digital.

So it made me wonder: Am I not strict enough? Are my boys little terrors?

See, to me, and to most parents I know, these incidents are rites of passage. When Hank got home from school today, and saw George’s artwork on the wall, he was horrified. At 7 years old, Hank will never do something as “bad” as draw on the wall again. George is 3, and I only have him this way for so long. He’ll be 7 soon, then 11, then 16, then a man. As a man, he’ll be serious and he’ll work. He’ll have worries and fears. He’ll try and fail at some things, while reaching success at others. He’ll struggle. He’ll ultimately prevail, I hope. And when that happens, I’ll have photos of him drawing on the wall and using a tampon as a whistle.

Until then, I plan to hold on to my foul mouthed hooligans as tightly as possible.


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11 responses to “The little hooligan

  1. Mom

    WHAT room does Jim have to paint now? Love mom.

  2. Your boys are adorable Marney!

  3. Jen

    I see so much of you in him. I can relate to so much of what you are saying (with my 6 & 3 year-olds). They’re only this age for a fraction of a second.

  4. Kayla

    So what is the picture?

    an airplane?

    ((your boys))

  5. Mom

    After thinking it over I do not have many good pictures of all the things my children did with magic markers. Floors,Doors[garage..outside] that one made even the neighbors laugh as I thought,how will I explain this one to Tom,since I said to all of you”magic markers and silly putty outside only. Five kids, lots of good stuff. Good memories. Thanks Mom

  6. Sister Carrie

    I have had many expeiences like yours – but one of my favorites is when Jonathan, Emily & Stephanie colored each other with markers.

    They colored each other from head to toe, in many colors, and best of all, the bottoms of their feet. I busted them when I found their little footprints all over my nice cream colored carpet. My first reaction was “where’s my camera?”

    The picture is framed and in my familyroom. I love that picture, and I miss my little rascals!

  7. Brother Tom

    Since Hank was so horrified, remind him he did the same thing to my wall in the upstairs hallway and my white cabinets with an orange marker. Thank god for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

    The one in the hallway upstairs might still be there. I might have to send you a picture of it.

  8. Mom

    Correction,it was not markers it was TEMPRA PAINTS and PLAYDOE that were outside toys and the tempra paints came off of everything but white t-shirts. The playdow did not come out of shag carpeting. Love Mom

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