Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

Ok, fine, I confess

Yes, I do. I did it. In public.

I was gross at the WalMart (which, by the way, is the single greatest invention of our time. Clothes, toys, furniture, motor oil, food, feminine hygenine products, asprin, plungers and clip boards all in ONE place, and a mile from my house? Why do I even come home?). For at the WalMart,  I had a hitchhiker.

That’s right. I little green hitchhiker, taking a ride in my nose.

I brushed it softly with my hand, once, twice, three times… all to no avail. So I looked around, and upon realizing I was alone in the aisle, I put my finger up there and picked it. Then, naturally, with no where to put it… I flicked it.

That’s right. I picked my nose at WalMart. I was THAT lady. The one that SOMEONE surely saw. The one who will surely be on the security camera tape that they show at the company Christmas party.

I suppose it’s better than the guy who lets go of a steamy air biscuit then walks away, leaving others to retch as they walk through the noxious fumes and wonder, who the hell cut that one?

I was that guy last week.


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