Toys… an investment

I think if we could separate all the toys in my house into categories, then get an appraiser to look at each category and determine their worth, we’d find that toys are the number one money-eater in this household. We probably, most likely, have invested thousands in toys over the past seven years. If we could rid ourselves of those toys, and put that money in our pockets, we’d be well on our way to paying for honeymoon #2. Or a nice boob job for me. Or, more likely something sensible, like a nice kitchen table (yawn).

Legos… not cheap. Bakugan (whatever the hell that is)… not cheap. Thomas the Tank Engine… sweet mother Mary not cheap even from a garage sale.

Then there’s the usual staples. Cars. Chalk. Bats. Balls. Hippity-hops. Bubbles. Jenga (which, if it’s not a staple in your house, it should be — long before they can play Jenga, they can use the blocks as building blocks with pretty much ANY toy. Seriously, I have no daughters, but I am pretty sure Barbie would have some kickass end tables made of Jenga if I did).

Yet despite all these toys, everyone knows the old adage about how the kids would rather play with the box, and that’s mostly true.

Until tonight. When I found, at Target, two blow up guitars and two blow up microphones. $4. Best toys ever. Or at least, best toys this week.


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2 responses to “Toys… an investment

  1. Mandy

    I’m scared of bakugan already and I don’t even have kids. Did I spell that right?

    I’ll take an end table if the boys are so inclined. My barbies had measly tiny tables from the “stools” that held the pizza box out of the cheese. Jenga tables would be way cooler.

  2. I hear ya! My cousins have a mountain of toys and get more every Christmas. Its insanity.

    But I love the Jenga idea. It’s pretty ingenious actually šŸ™‚

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